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Daily Dog Walks

We love walking your dogs. Outings are important to your dog. Whenever possible, we will send you an awesome shot of your dog romping on a mountain trail or swimming in a stream. Depending on your dog’s personality, we offer individual or group walks— off or on leash—trail walks or strolls around the street. During our introductory interview, we assess your dog’s needs and discuss on/off leash activities with you in detail.

How long are the walks?*

  • Short walks — 20 minutes (per household) to 30 minutes (groups)
  • Long walks — 40 minutes (per household) to 60 minutes (groups)

*Times vary slightly depending on our schedule, weather conditions, and the number of dogs on our daily roster.

*On snowy days, walks are half the time.

What times do day walks happen?**

Winter hours (Oct. thru Mar.): 9 to 4
Summer hours (Apr. thru Sept.): 9 to 6

We have Tahoe Donner playgroups 5-7 days a week from 10-12. We offer in town and afternoon playgroups 3-4 days a week.

Early morning and evening walks are available. They are generally just short walks. If you need a longer walk just let us know.

**We will do our best to accommodate requested times

**We never simply “let your dog out” for a yard break. We have found animals need us to walk them in order to get the desired outcome!

What does a dog walk cost?

  • Truckee: $25 long walk $20 short walk
  • Ski Resorts: $40 minimum (rate could go up, depending on traffic, weather or hotel delays)
  • Extra dogs: includes 2 dogs, 3rd dog is $10

How to save money?***

Take advantage of our discount packages!

  • 10 Walk Pack: Get 1 walk free

***Ask about our senior citizen rates.

***We offer disability discounts.

***Refer us to friends for a free walk.


Pet Sitting

Why change your dog’s routine just because you have to leave town? Many animals are upset by kennel stays. We can help your dog feel safe and secure at home—even if you are not there.

We talk with you about your pet’s personality and needs. When we take care of your pet, we make sure we note the most amount of time he/she can be left alone.

What does daily dog sitting include?

First and foremost, we offer plenty of doggie love. Our service includes two 20-30min visits, short walks, food, and water. You can also get additional visits with the price of a daily walk. We will do our best to make sure your pet gets whatever needed when you are gone. We try to stick with the day to day routine of your pets.

We are happy to water your plants, take out trash, and check phone messages. Just let us know what will make leaving home as easy as possible—for you and your dog.

What does daily dog siting cost per day?*

  • $50/day
  • Accident clean-up-$5-10
  • Additional services-$5/15mins

*Extra walks are not included in the price. Please refer to the daily walk section.

*If a sitter is not available in your neighborhood an out of area service fee of $5-10/ visit may apply.

Do you take care of cats or other animals?

Yes, we love all animals and give them as much love and attention as needed.

Extra pets are generally $5/day. Prices can vary depending on each situation.


Customized Overnight Pet/House Sitting

If your pet needs a human companion to stay overnight, we are here to help. We ensure that your pet’s specific needs and routines are met. In addition, we maintain your home according to your requests. We set you up with a sitter and create a schedule that works for your dog’s daily routine and the day to day events of the sitter.

What specific services are included?*

  • Feeding
  • Evening and morning potty breaks
  • Sleeping with your pet/s if so desired
  • Providing daily updates/photos
  • Feeding smaller pets such as goldfish or reptiles
  • Checking mail
  • Maintaining thermostats
  • Keeping the house the way it was when we arrived
  • Overnight $50. $35 fenced yard.
  • $5 extra per dog or cats
  • Additional services $5/15mins
  • Accident clean up $5-10 

*We are happy to accommodate any additional services for $5/15 minutes.

What does overnight house sitting cost?**

  • Overnight $35-$45 nightly
  • $5 extra per dog or cat

**Extra dog walks are not included in the price. Please refer to the daily walk section.